Multi-entity functionality

Need a solution that works for multiple companies or divisions?

One of the most powerful features of webexpenses is the flexibility to meet the exact needs of an organisation’s structure. With multi-entity functionality, we can cater for even the most complex of set-ups.

Company-by-company or division-by-division, webexpenses provides the solution.

What it can do:

  • Under a single umbrella configuration, multiple entities can be configured independently, each with its own base currency, terminology, expense categories, general ledger codes, credit card programme, project codes and mileage or per diem rates.
  • An employee in one entity can have expenses approved by a line manager in a different entity.
  • An employee can have their expenses reimbursed in their local currency, even if group reporting is in another currency.
  • A single accounts department resource can administer and process expenses for all entities in a group.
  • Reports and integration with finance systems can be based on a single entity or can be consolidated across the group.

The flexibility of the webexpenses software means that even the most complex of implementations can be completed in a matter of days.

Typical Set-Ups

Scenario 1: Multinational organisation

A UK-based organisation has subsidiary companies in Canada, the United States, France and Australia. For historical reasons, the organisation has a variety of corporate card programmes and ERP systems across the group.

Scenario 2: Differing requirements by division

A company has a large number of field engineers, who are required to record project codes against expense items. The commercial team, however, are not project-based and the project-related functionality is not relevant to them.

Scenario 3: Recent acquisition

A company has acquired a business yet expense policies and financial systems have not been harmonised.

Scenario 4: Expense policy based on hierarchical level

An organisation may have different travel and entertainment policies (such as approval structures, category limits, per diems or mileage rates) based on the hierarchical level of the employee.

What Adecco Group has to say about webexpenses

“For the accounts staff it’s the best thing to happen, before they were processing around 1,400 claims per month, in the Adecco Group alone. Now the company has merged with three companies and incorporated over 600 new staff, with no additional resources in the team – there’s no question that it is labour saving! “The issues we were experiencing before have gone, everything is electronic so receipts are no longer lost in transit, we no longer have issues reclaiming VAT and with everything saved in the cloud there is strong audit trail. “The processing of expense reports is a quicker, slicker process, as is dealing with queries and approval limits. There is much less checking and chasing and entry to completion time has greatly decreased. Claims are easier to read and approve or reject for managers, whilst revisiting and amending claims is easier for staff. “Policy reminders, mileage verification and currency converters meanwhile work together to reduce the admin required by staff making claims, minimising scope for mistakes and ensuring accuracy.”

Michele Whitehead, Head of Payroll at Adecco Group

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