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Expenses Claims Mileage Verification

For many organisations, the one business expense most susceptible to abuse is mileage claim. According to survey data, 71% of your staff may think it is acceptable to exaggerate expenses in certain circumstances. The biggest problem with paper-based mileage claims is verification of miles traveled. Due to route changes and/or poor recording, mileage verification proves very difficult for many companies.

This guide has been created to help organisations of all sizes prevent inaccurate mileage expenses claims. This whitepaper discusses how much unverified mileage could be costing your business, and gives self-help advice to facilitate accurate claims.

One way to begin confirming mileage expenses is the creation of a sound mileage verification policy. This policy can include rules such as only allowing claims that travel from postcode to postcode and paying that amount, instead of ‘actual’ miles traveled. Postcode to postcode mileage amount can easily be researched; however, for larger organisations, this solution is not scalable because it takes administrative time.

The solution, therefore, for larger companies is a complete expense management system such as webexpenses. Our mileage verification system negates the need to look up individual routes, saving time and resources. With webexpenses, employees cannot exaggerate claims or round up, because our automated system calculates the best routes based on postcode, eliminating administrative duties.

In addition to mileage verification, the webexpenses management system offers a range of benefits, including: carbon tracking, petty cash management, and multi-entity configuration. This electronic system removes the possibility of errors present when using a paper-based system and improves the efficiency of an expenses policy.

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