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December Expenses Round-Up

Here’s a round-up of the news, views and resources we think you need to know about from the past month:


Could AI help us to spot expenses fraud…before it happens

The development of Artificial Intelligence offers up some intriguing possibilities when it comes to guarding our businesses against expenses fraud.

By combining complex algorithms with the quality of data generated by a system such as webexpenses, it creates the possibility of creating a powerful predictive weapon for our finance teams.

By analysing the patterns and trends of past claims, it could identify those areas of an organisation where dishonest behaviour is most likely to occur. Find the full story, here.


Hit the road and find a smarter way to manage mileage

It’s traditionally been the trickiest area of expense management to keep under control – mileage travel expenses. But it’s also an area where digital management has brought the biggest benefits.

Here’s a guide showing how you can replace mileage guesstimates and paper processes with a digital setup which uses GPS tracking to record the exact time, distance and route of each road journey.

It’s a hassle free way of handling mileage, one which provides faster processing, reduced fraud and a rich set of metrics with which to monitor travel costs. Find the full guide, here.


Device to protect business travellers from distracted driving

Being distracted by phone notifications and alerts while driving is a particular danger for business travellers. Just a quick glance down at a text or email can cause a dangerous loss of focus on the road ahead.

It’s a problem that former NASA scientist, Scott Tibbitts, has set out to solve with his Groove device. Plugging into a steering wheel port, the gadget blocks a phone from receiving any data, apart from GPS, while the vehicle is moving.

A number of US companies, such as Sprint and T-Mobile, are now looking to introduce the system with the hope of it being added to all newly manufactured vehicles. Find the full story, here.

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