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Here are five perfect Christmas gifts for finance professionals

After a year of rooting out dodgy expenses and taming company costs, finance professionals deserve a little pampering over the Christmas period.

But what kind of presents could you possibly give to a battle hardened accountant which could make their face light up on Christmas morning?

Well, here are some ideas we think would make the perfect gift for any member of a finance team.

Smartest of smartphones

A decent smartphone has become an essential tool for any finance professional, whether it’s for managing expenses via the webexpenses app or just keeping in touch with colleagues.

And just about the most powerful smartphone currently on the market is the recently released Google Pixel. The successor to the Nexus, this is the first phone to feature both hardware and software which has been created from scratch by Google.

Among the features are a battery that charges in 15 minutes, a camera that Google say is the best ever on a smartphone and Google Assistant – a rival to Apple’s Siri voice command system.

Noise cancelling earplugs

So you’re trying to focus on untangling a particularly messy expenses claim but all you can hear are a babble of voices discussing the merits of last night’s television. Yep, one of the downsides of working in open plan office is just how noisy they are prone to being.

That’s when a set of QuietOn noise cancelling ear plugs can be your best friend – using active noise cancellation and acoustic attenuation to create silence. And it’s not just in the office where they can be used, they’re also ideal for business travellers – letting you work or sleep in the noisiest of environments.

Stress monitoring biosensor

Having to deal with a certain amount of stress goes with the territory when you’re a finance professional – especially as the end of the financial year looms. But we now have devices such as the PIP to provide a much smarter way of understanding and managing our stress levels.

It’s a small handheld sensor that uses the electrical changes on the surface of the skin to accurately identify your level of stress. All of the data is sent via Bluetooth to a smartphone app which keeps track of exactly when you’re getting stressed, along with various tools to control it.

Work boosting fidget cube

If you’re really focusing on something, you may not even notice you’re doing it…fidgeting, often with something like a pen or paperclip. And research suggests that this kind of fidgeting is an effective way to help relieve stress and remain focused on a particular task.

This is what the Fidget Cube is designed to do, with each of the six sides offering a different tactile fidget experience – buttons to click, gears to roll and balls to spin. There are even non-noise making options on each side to make sure you’re not annoying colleagues.

Relaxology massage chair

If there was a Transformer robot that took the shape of a chair – it would look something like this. This is the latest version of Sasaki’s Supreme Massage Chair range, featuring dozens of air pressure pads to provide a head-to-toe massage.

With soothing music coming from inbuilt speakers and a Zero Gravity mode which recreates the feeling of floating in space, it offers the ultimate in high-tech pampering and an ideal way to wind down after a long day battling company costs.

If you want to give your finance team a real treat this Christmas, make the move over to webexpenses – a better way to manage your employee expenses.