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Webinar: Your guide to automated invoice processing

Webexpenses Invoice Processing is a fast, simple and paperless solution that transforms the way businesses are able to manage payments.

But how exactly does it work and what kind of benefits can be delivered by moving to an automated system which removes up to 90% of manual invoice handling?

These are some of the areas that will be covered in an upcoming webinar on the powerful invoice processing feature, recently added to Webexpenses’ suite of management tools.

Oliver Pollard, Webexpenses’ Client Account Manager, will provide a live system demo and a full, comprehensive overview as part of the ‘Webexpenses Invoice Processing: Simple, Paperless Invoicing’ presentation.

Topic: Webexpenses Invoice Processing: Simple, Paperless Invoicing
Date: Thursday 9th May

You can register to be a part of the webinar here.

If you’re not able to make the live event, registration unlocks full access to a video recording of the webinar.

A simpler, faster, smarter process 

Invoice processing is an area of business administration which most companies still handle via a manual and paper-based process.

Incoming bills arrive through the post or email and the information manually checked and transferred into accounting software – creating a slow and inefficient process.

A recent UK study estimated that the average SME loses around £1,658 ($2,193 USD) each year to a combination of invoice fraud, errors and inefficiencies.

Webexpenses Invoice Processing tackles the problem by creating a paperless solution with invoices scanned and the information automatically converted into a digital format.

The benefits include:

  • Faster processing – reduced admin time and streamlined client/customer payments
  • Reduced fraud risks – automated checks for duplicates and invoice inconsistencies
  • Real-time monitoring – integrated reporting tools provide full invoice visibility

Want to find out a bit more about our Invoice processing tool before the webinar? Improve your knowledge by reading up or by getting in touch!