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EYE case study

“Webexenses has given us much greater efficiency and a reduction in duplication. It has helped remove paper from the process and give us a much clearer snapshot of our expenditures.”

Ameesh Shah, Finance Director for Eyecorp UK

Challenges faced with expense management

Ameesh Shah, Finance Director for Eyecorp UK says:

We used to use Excel spreadsheets, so individuals would fill out a form and print it off, to be manually signed and sent off to finance. So it was slow and really hard to keep track of.

How webexpenses helped

Ameesh goes on to say:

“It has improve things from both sides – so it’s not such a hassle for people making a claim and it’s much easier for us to process and track from the finance side.

“The other great benefit is the ability it gives our senior managers to approve expenses when they’re travelling around. They don’t have to come back to an office desk to face a big bundle of receipts, they do it online from wherever they are.

“In terms of efficiencies, it has greatly streamlined the process and gives us the data we need to track information on a much more accurate level.”

What would you say to others considering webexpenses?

“It’s a great way to improve efficiencies and puts you in control of your expenses.”