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Size: Large Industry: Consulting & Services Applications: MFG/PRO, SAP

Nextira One case study

NextiraOne is the UK’s leading vendor-independent communications solutions and services provider and has successfully implemented voice and data solutions to more than 5,000 customers.


Field-based implementation and support team

The company’s sizeable field-based implementation and maintenance support team previously submitted expenses using an excel spreadsheet that was then printed and circulated for approval.

The frustrations were considerable and the solution provided by webexpenses has been extremely well received by all concerned.

Anne Morris, the Treasury Manager at NextiraOne, said:

“The process is now very slick and the quality of expense reports is vastly improved. The feedback from our field-based staff has been very positive, as the new process lets them track expenses through the approval process, but also allows for immediate approval and repayment of expenses, even when the claimant, authorising manager and accounts department are in different locations.”

Tangible and measurable cost savings

NextiraOne contends that the cost savings have been considerable and that the quality of expense reports submitted has improved significantly.

Anne Morris continued:

“The streamlined approval process has allowed us to remove a headcount on expense processing, so the cost savings have been tangible and measurable. The reports functionality allows management to analyse spending patterns and to recharge expenses items to clients or projects, and we feel that the whole process is now under control in a way that it wasn’t previously.”

Integration with SAP

NextiraOne are soon to transition their core financial accounting software from MFG/PRO to SAP. They intend to stay with webexpenses through this transition.

Anne Morris commented:

“While we’ve looked at the SAP expenses module, we ruled it out as an option, both because it is expensive and because we had concerns as to whether it would provide the flexibility that we require and the ease-of-use that end users expect. We don’t anticipate any constraints in integrating with SAP. This was completed easily with MFG/PRO and we expect the SAP integration to be equally straightforward.”

P11D dispensation

WebExpenses has also assisted NextiraOne in achieving P11D dispensation under IR69.

Anne Morris explained:

“We demonstrated to the Inland Revenue that we maintained a proprietary system for managing expenses that allowed us to ensure that staff complied with our expense policy. This was sufficient to meet the requirements for dispensation.”