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OB10 case study

OB10 operates a secure, tax-compliant business-to-business network used by trading partners in over 70 countries to send and receive electronic invoices. The network allows members to send or receive invoices easily between themselves without having to agree on formats, file specifications or communication methods, enabling them to streamline their purchase-to-pay processes, improve compliance and reduce operating costs.

Challenges faced with expense management

Multi-entity expenses solution roll out

OB10 staff are distributed between the headquarters in London, offices in Europe, the United States and Malaysia. Webexpenses has been introduced to each of these offices and will soon be rolled out to the company’s Bulgarian office. Mark Mitchell, Financial Controller at OB10 commented:

“Webexpenses cuts down on many of the time-consuming steps in completing and administrating the expenses process, and incorporates all the relevant information with drop-down menus giving all the relevant categories, so it is much easier to allocate expense claims to a correct category.”

OB10 employees make use of the SMS feature, with which users can text their expenses to the system, as well as its credit card functionality where relevant entries from the company credit cards such are automatically incorporated. Mark Mitchell explains:

“This saves employees a great deal of time and effort. Some employees also use the offline version, where the claim can be entered when the user is offline – when travelling for instance – and then instantly uploaded to the system once the user connects again, making for convenience and less chance of forgetting to record a claim.

How webexpenses helped

Mark says that using the webexpenses system has made the expenses process quicker, easier and more efficient with better controls and with approvals being carried out more quickly. He added:

“The improved reporting functionality in the new version has also been helpful.

“Since deploying webexpenses, we have expanded our use and deployed to other offices and utilised other functionality.”