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CIPHR case study

Launched in 1982, CIPHR is a leading UK-based provider and developer of HR software as a service solutions.

Operating throughout the UK, CIPHR cover every aspect of the employee lifecycle – from people and time management systems to payroll, communications and reporting.

Online expenses management system webexpenses is one of CIPHR’s trusted partners, which means the two systems work seamlessly together – providing benefits for HR and finance teams, and for employees.

The two systems are linked by a single sign-on, enabling employees to access webexpenses from the CIPHR HR system they already use with a single click – there’s no need to remember a separate username and password, even when using a mobile device.

Previous expense management process?

The company had been using an alternative digital management system. It was a set-up which still required paper handling with printed and paper receipts.


Reason for switching to webexpenses?

With continued growth, CIPHR had faced mounting frustrations with a reliance on paper-based processes and ineffective credit card expense handling.

We’ve had rapid growth in the last two years with employee numbers growing so I think that was ultimately the wake up call. We’ve got more and more people going out and about and more expenses to handle and we were starting to outgrow the old way of doing things.

– Megan Hope, CIPHR partner manager


Benefits of webexpenses?

Improvements experienced throughout the organisation but particularly with streamlined management and reconciliation of credit card costs. Webexpenses’ import functionality significantly improves the way that imported credit card information is matched with corresponding expenses.

From a finance perspective, we would spend a lot of time having to go back to people and saying, look, you’ve processed 15 out of 20 – where’s the other five? With webexpenses, we import all of the transactions and, therefore, reduce the chances of duplication or missing anything. There’s perfect reconciliation, to the penny. Every time, every month.

– Simon Knibbs, CIPHR purchase ledger manager


How much time has been saved?

General savings have been made across the business but particularly with credit card management processing – processing times reduced by around 50 percent.

What benefits has CIPHR experienced thanks to webexpenses?

CIPHR has experienced improvements throughout the organisation, including:

  • Streamlined processes  – implementing webexpenses has saved 2 days a month
  • Increased engagement because of the system’s ease of use and app – claims can be built, submitted and approved at any time and any place
  • Improved reliability and compliance – increased adherence to policies and spending limits as well as claims being submitted fully and on time
  • Single sign-on functionality – claimant’s can easily access the status of their claims and payments, at all times via CIPHRs HR self-service.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help transform your expenses process, feel free to contact us here.