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After more than a decade’s worth of research and development, we have developed an expertise second to none in expense management. It’s a knowledge we love to share; helping to guide you safely through the expenses process and related legislation and hot topics.

We provide clear and concise information and guides to ensure you always have the know-how required for effective expense management. Please, feel free to download as many of our resources as you need or contact us if you have any questions.

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Angels v Devils: Why do employees commit expenses fraud?

We commissioned an anonymous survey of 1,005 UK expense claimants to find out why so many employees falsify their claims. You can find the full findings of the study here […]

Are Brits too Polite when it comes to Business?

The British have a proud reputation for being polite. But how does this affect the way we do business? Could not ‘causing a fuss’ be causing our companies to lose […]

Are we learning to love expenses?

Everyone hates doing their expenses, right? It’s one aspect of working life that we’re all supposed to loathe – it’s boring, fiddly, time consuming and the cause of endless office […]

Do your job, not your expenses

How much time do your employees waste completing paper expense forms, and what great things could they be doing instead? Join webexpenses on a trip back through time as we take […]

Expenses Fiddling: Nature or Culture?

Did you know that one-in-five male employees admit to fiddling their expenses and the average amount they’ll over-claim is £450 each year, with mileage claims topping the leader board. And […]

From Hooves to Helicopters: How US Presidential Travel Got Smarter

What’s business travel like when you’re the American president – and how have things changed since the days of Abe Lincoln thundering across America in a stagecoach? Find the fascinating […]

Mobile Working

Is the fear of change holding back UK businesses? Webexpenses’ independent survey* shows that despite accepting the many benefits, employers still have a negative view towards mobile working. Are these attitudes to […]

The Business Benefits of Mobile Apps

What are the benefits of allowing employees to use mobile apps in the workplace? This is what webexpenses set out to explore. We commissioned censuswide to question more than 2,000 UK […]

The honesty gap affecting UK businesses

Why do honest employees think it’s OK to commit expenses fraud? Webexpenses commissioned a nationwide audit to find out more about the attitudes of UK employees towards expenses and workplace honesty. Of those who […]

The Modern Finance Team: Bean Counters or Business Drivers?

The move to digital is transforming our financial world – enabling more efficient and flexible ways to work. But what has it meant for our finance teams? Webexpenses’ independent survey* […]

The Path to Mastering Your Expenses

Webexpenses gives companies a simple and effective way to track, manage and process expense claims; reducing costs by 25%. Users can upload their expenses on the move, at anytime and […]

Understanding Expenses Fraud

To effectively tackle expense fraud, we first need to understand it. That’s why webexpenses commissioned independent research to look at exactly who fiddles their expenses and why.

Up in the Air with Cloud

Webexpenses has always been about taking something complex and making it beautifully simple and hassle-free. It’s the reason we turned to cloud computing and why our recent focus has been […]

What do office grumbles reveal about UK businesses

  Webexpenses wanted to explore what lies behind some of most common workplace complaints. We commissioned a survey of 1,041 full-time UK office workers to find out how office grumbles can reveal […]


Expenses ROI Calculator

The ROI calculator is designed to help you make an informed decision on the benefits of using an expense management solution. The underlying assumptions are based on information from various sources, […]

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How to protect your business and staff UK Anti Bribery Act 2010 The Bribery Act 2010 has been in use for barely a year and already people are being prosecuted under it. With some 73% of multinationals unaware of the implications, the Act is causing panic amongst corporate Britain. But, what do […]

Banish the Expenses ‘Devils’ From Your Business

The environment in which employees work, affects how they act. And there’s no better example of this than our attitudes towards expenses. It helps to explain why so many people, who consider themselves to be honest and law abiding, are willing to carry out expenses fraud in the workplace. Research commissioned […]

Cloud Computing: Policy and Compliance

Britain’s recent enactment of the toughest anti-bribery laws in the world has thrust the management of business employee expenditure even further into the legal spotlight. Now, more than ever, Financial Directors need to be implementing systems that ensure employee expense management compliance. Studies show that most employees now have no problem committing expenses […]

Could Politeness Be Harming Your Business?

Managing expenses seems easy when it’s printed on a policy document. But the challenge with expense management isn’t creating a great policy - it’s making that policy work in the real world. In a complex business landscape - a shifting interplay of people, power, structures and status. It’s in this mix that […]

Expenses Fiddling: nature or culture

It has been estimated that fraudulent expense claims costs UK businesses around £3.5 billion each year. These losses reflect the way that ‘fiddling’ expenses has become ingrained in working culture with normally law abiding employees routinely exaggerating and manufacturing claims. The 2009 scandal involving British MPs revealed the scale of this […]

Five Step Guide to Petty Cash Control

For many businesses petty cash is a necessity; it helps to ‘oil the wheels’ of day-to-day operations. When it works, it’s a simple and hassle-free system to pay for those small office necessities. But without effective monitoring or control, it’s a problem which can rapidly spiral out of control. It’s a […]

Getting The Best From Finance Professionals

At the heart of any successful business is an effective finance team.They act like the fuel management system of a high-performance car – maximising its power and maintaining efficiency. And as we’ve moved into a digital world, our finance teams are taking on an increasingly important role. Cloud-based tools have given […]

Expenses Management Thought Leader

Go Mobile: The challenge of change

Technology is changing the face of finance. We’re moving away from a traditional accounting world of paper, printouts and manual payrolls and moving towards a new digital realm; powered by cloud computing. It means that employees can now access all the tools they need to work from wherever they have an […]

How to Choose and Implement an Expenses Management System

The way we’re able to manage our employee expenses has been transformed. Organisations are no longer reliant on the old paper-based management processes - slow, costly and inefficient. We now have a new generation of digital tools which allow our finance teams to easily process, manage and control employee expenses. By moving […]

How to Create an Effective Expenses Policy – UK

You may already have an expenses policy. Or you may be an organisation just starting to realise that you need one. Either way; this guide is for you. It provides all the help and information you will need to create a robust expenses policy document. It’s the foundation on which effective expenses […]

How to Unlock the Power of the Cloud

Webexpenses helped to pioneer the use of cloud computing as an expense management solution. By passing on the benefits of the cloud to our clients throughout the world, we have become one of the UK’s fastest growing companies. But it wasn’t always this way. When we first launched in 2000, the term […]

P11D Guide

P11D Dispensation Form Guide - Benefits & Advantages At webexpenses we’re always working to find new ways to save you time and money. So we’ve created some handy resource guides based on our expenses management know-how. They also work really well alongside our software. Expense management that saves you time and money Completing and submitting […]

Remote Working

A recent study found almost half of businesses in the European Union have provided employees with a portable device to enable them to work remotely. The survey from Eurostat found 48% of companies across EU member states had embraced this flexible approach and the implications of this are wide-ranging for […]

The Business Benefits of Mobile Apps

The one area where the benefits of mobile have yet to be truly maximised is in the business world. While attitudes are changing, many companies struggle to accept mobile working. It’s an attitude which places organisations at risk of being left behind. Mobile working methods are helping to create a new […]

The Future of Finance in Modern Businesses

The finance department will change dramatically over the next decade, moving from a primarily number crunching role to strategic position in business and we see cloud computing accelerating this trend. So, what does the Future of Finance hold? Already IT development and cloud computing has automated many of the day to […]

The No-Nonsense Guide to Expenses Management

The biggest danger posed by expenses is our attitude. It’s the way organisations allow expenses to be something to dread and avoid. How they become the business equivalent of a dripping tap - a problem you learn to live with. It’s an attitude which allows expenses fraud to cost UK companies around […]

The Smart Way to Manage Mileage Expenses

The biggest danger posed by expenses fraud is ‘death by a thousand cuts’. It’s the multitude of small losses which can sap away at an organisation’s resources. Nowhere is this more clearly seen than with mileage expenses and the problem of fabricated and exaggerated travel costs allowed to go unchecked. Instead of […]

Understanding Expenses Fraud

We know that expenses fraud exists. We know that wherever there are expenses, there are those looking to exploit them. We know that UK businesses lose in excess of £100 million* each year as a result of employees exaggerating and falsifying claims. But there is still so much about expenses fraud which remains […]

Warning Signs of Outgrowing Your Business Processes

When a business grows, employee’s time becomes stretched as often there is more work to do with the same amount of time and resources. This is especially true when it comes to financial tasks as manual processes quickly become time-consuming and outdated. Organisations that want to keep detailed records must realise […]

Webexpenses Partner Pack

Webexpenses Partner Programme gives businesses greater flexibility and the chance to offer their customers award winning expense management software, alongside their own portfolio, service or product. Download our Partner Pack to find more about webexpenses, our software and the different ways you can work with us. If there is anything that […]

Why honest employees commit expenses fraud

Webexpenses wanted to find out more about the attitudes of UK employees towards expenses and workplace honesty. Almost three quarters of UK employees surveyed admit to carrying out dishonest acts at work - but only 23% believe they are dishonest. It’s one of the striking findings to emerge from a nationwide […]