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Procure4 (US) case study

Procure4 is a team of supply chain management specialists working across Europe, USA and UAE to deliver cost base reduction and performance enhancement across organisations in the public and private sectors.

Procure4 helps companies across a wide range of commercial sectors including fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), hospitality & leisure, hotels, property and retail as well as public sector organisations.

“The new webexpenses package has been phenomenal! It’s really easy to see what’s been submitted and what hasn’t and now all the checks and balances are 100%. There are no inaccuracies or errors and I’m really happy that worry is off my plate.

“It’s also been really easy to learn and adopt. I took it upon myself to learn how to use the system and printed off little user manuals for other members of staff, but this really wasn’t necessary because the simple step-by-step guidelines mean you can go straight into the system and start using it with ease.”

Rachel Fortier, business analyst and office manager, Procure4 (US)

Expenses software for a small yet busy team

Procure4’s US division, based in Charlotte, North Carolina is a relatively small team of people. Every member of the staff incurs work expenses in one form or another whether it be a consultant spending on items such as travel, food and corporate entertainment or the office manager buying supplies and organising a social event. Members of staff retain receipts for all expenses and sometimes use the company purchasing card available for buying general sundries.

Previously, each member of staff would use an Excel spreadsheet to list expenses and attach all relevant receipts as evidence. Towards the end of each month, each expenses sheet would be submitted to the company book-keeper to process, which required time-consuming manual data entry. Hard copies of everything had to be kept and records maintained, involving a great degree of extra paperwork and filing.

How webexpenses works for Procure4 (US division)

The use of a Sage interface with online entry package has negated the need for hard copies and made the system far easier and quicker for the office book-keeper. Now if it’s necessary to reference any expenses claim data, copies can simply be pulled off the system when and if required.

Likewise, there has been a great time-saving benefit for the company’s consultants, when submitting their expenses. The electronic receipts attachment feature of the new system supplied by webexpenses allows receipts to be attached electronically (e.g. a jpeg from a digital photo or scanned image or an email confirmation of a journey booked online), while mileage verification uses postcode data to provide precise distance calculations for every business journey.