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Protect your organisation from risk through making compliance an active part of the expenses workflow

IRS compliance

Webexpenses provides the tools you need to ensure your organisation is compliant with the IRS taxation rules.

Maximise tax compliance

System caters for world wide tax – enabling separate rules for each entity to adhere to local taxation rules and automatically calculates the tax for each expense claim.

Tax reclaim

Easily reclaims sales tax on expenses spend. Digital record of tax receipts ensure organisations can complete the reclaim process.

Policy compliance

In-built policy statements and reinforcement ensure users adhere to company policy, with out-of-policy alerts and duplication alerts to flag suspicious claims.

Duty of care

Ensures employees can easily and regularly verify their own cars are roadsafe and insured, therefore reducing any risk to the organisation.

Always stay compliant with IRS taxation and tax rules

Effectively manage worldwide tax rates, and maximise overseas travel VAT reclaims

Eliminate expense fraud through active policy reinforcement

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Benefit’s of using the webexpenses mobile app