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Manage your expenses on the move with our new mobile app

Introducing our app

It’s never been easier to manage your expenses on the go with the webexpenses mobile app. Working seamlessly across all devices – from desktop, tablet and smartphone – the webexpenses mobile app enables claimants and approvers to fully manage their expenses anytime and anywhere.

Currently available on iOS, Android and Windows.


Manage your expenses on the move

Our latest app technology enables claimants to start, build and fully submit expense claims on a smartphone or tablet.

Your claim can now start the second your trip does. Snap and upload receipts as you spend and submit your whole trip for approval before you get back to your desk.

New in-built features ensure that claims stay within policy and mileage is accurately verified.

Multiple functions

Complete mobile submission

Build claims as you spend and submit before you get back to your desk.

Digital receipts

Snap, upload, and email receipts to your receipt repository – and easily link to claims.

Mileage verification

Plan your journey accurately with Bing Maps for point-to-point recognition.

Real-time monitoring on open claims

Monitor spending as and when it occurs.

Policy reinforcement

Ensures accuracy of claims, saving time with processing.

Configured around you

Manage your VAT, projects, clients, suppliers and split invoices.

Access from any device in the cloud

View and manage your webexpenses account across multiple devices in the cloud so you can manage your expenses in the way that suits you, anytime and anywhere.

Synchronisation between devices ensures a single view of your account wherever you are working.

Download now

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Five Crucial Areas Expense Reports are Costing you Money

Next month, one of our expense report specialists is holding an online webinar on, ‘Five Crucial Areas Expense Reports are Costing you Money‘, the areas that will be covered are:

Time is money
Tax reclaim
Accurate reporting
Fraudulent claims.

Topic: Five Crucial Areas Expense Reports are Costing you Money
Date: Wednesday 10th January 2018
Time: 11am (CST) for approximately 30 minutes

At webexpenses we provide an award-winning expense report management system that is proven to save up to 25% in T&E spend within an organization, as well reduce processing errors by 43%.

Even if you aren’t able to attend the live webinar, do still register as all registrants will receive a recording to listen to in your own time.

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