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Cloud Computing: Policy and Compliance

Britain’s recent enactment of the toughest anti-bribery laws in the world has thrust the management of business employee expenditure even further into the legal spotlight. Now, more than ever, Financial Directors need to be implementing systems that ensure employee expense management compliance.

Studies show that most employees now have no problem committing expenses fraud, especially when it comes to t & e expenses (travel and entertainment) and that many do not trust their own managers to proceed ethically. At a time when many companies need to reduce administrative costs, finance directors need the right tools to implement and maintain a sound expense policy.

One solution is implementing webexpenses’ cloud-based expense management policy that reduces organisation’s dependency on both employees and administrative time spent on expenses. By using cloud-based policy control, the number-crunching and data storage are offloaded to the cloud policy instead of manually conducted, which typically leads to errors. Our webexpenses guide explains how to ensure cloud computing compliance with employees, as well as how to seamlessly implement the new system.

If you want to find out how modern cloud-computing policy software empowers Finance Directors to guarantee regulatory compliance across the full array of international jurisdictions and currency zones, while reducing corporate vulnerability to human error and fraud, then download our free report today.

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