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How to Choose and Implement an Expenses Management System

The way we’re able to manage our employee expenses has been transformed. Organizations are no longer reliant on the old paper-based management processes – slow, costly and inefficient.

We now have a new generation of digital tools which allow our finance teams to easily process, manage and control employee expenses.

By moving to an Expenses Management Systems (EMS), organizations are able to significantly reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance compliance.

An effective system can be expected to cut processing costs by around 25 percent and to provide T&E savings of 10 percent.

It’s for these reasons that organizations are increasingly making the switch from their old ways of handling expenses and over to an EMS.

The purpose of this guide is to tackle this challenge – to give you a simple and no-nonsense guide on how to make that move. We will focus on two key areas:

  • Choosing the right system
  • Implementing the system

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