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Understanding Expenses Fraud

We know that expenses fraud exists. We know that wherever there are expenses, there are those looking to exploit them. We know that UK businesses lose in excess of £100 million* each year as a result of employees exaggerating and falsifying claims.

But there is still so much about expenses fraud which remains unknown.

We have allowed this to become a hidden problem; something which exists in the murky shadows of our business world.

This is despite expenses being the second highest controllable cost for the majority of businesses, second only to salary. Rather than tackling the fraud, a business culture has emerged which, all too often, tolerates and legitimises it, which ‘turns a blind eye’.

This reluctance to tackle the issue, together with the difficulties in obtaining accurate data, means that authoritative research has remained limited. It’s this lack of knowledge which drives webexpenses to continue the work to improve our understanding of expenses fraud.

This three stage guide will look at:

  • Who does it?
  • Why they do it?
  • How to tackle it?

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