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Banish the Expenses ‘Devils’ From Your Business

The environment in which employees work, has a huge impact on how they act. And there’s no better example of this than our attitudes towards expenses.

It helps to explain why so many people, who consider themselves to be honest and law abiding, are willing to carry out expenses fraud in the workplace. Global research commissioned by webexpenses shows that at least 47% of employees have committed an act of expense fraud.

It’s a problem which has become deeply embedded within the business world – one which is costing companies in excess of $2.9 trillion each year.

What’s the cause?

Expense management has traditionally been a cumbersome and slow process with organisations unable to devote the time or resources required to properly maintain an expenses policy.

Instead, companies have grudgingly tolerated a certain level of expenses ‘fiddling’. By failing to tackle this problem, it has created a toxic business environment in which expenses fraud has become normalised and legitimised.

What’s the solution?

The barriers which prevented organisations from tackling expenses fraud in the past, no longer exist. Old paper based processes have been replaced by fast and efficient digital management systems.

These provide the tools required for any organisation to be able to manage and monitor employee expenses – to identify fraud and maintain company compliance.

The purpose of this guide is to pull together all of the information you need to make this happen. From finding the right system for your organisation to the nuts and bolts of creating an effective expenses policy.

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