Top 5 ways technology can reduce business expenses


How technology is changing the way you can manage your business expenses

Technology has changed the way we live our lives over the past 20 years, especially when it comes to the world of work. The digital era has opened up amazing new opportunities for businesses to find more efficient and effective ways of working.

Webexpenses has shown just how effective this can be, helping hundreds of organisations save valuable time and money with our cloud-based solution. But there are many other ways technology can be used to help cut costs and improve efficiency. Here’s a guide to some ways to benefit from the latest tech.

5. Open-Source Software

Many organisations find themselves having to pay out significant amounts of money to purchase licensed software for tasks such as word processing, data management and image editing. But for every licensed product you will also be able to find a range of open-source alternatives. This is software which is usually developed as a collaborative effort and made freely available. Programmes such as OpenOffice and GIMP are now commonly used by businesses with a thriving community to support them.

4. Virtual Assistants

Many organisations are now using virtual assistants to carry out the day to day tasks which can be carried out remotely. The improvement in Internet connection speeds and freely available services such as Skype mean it’s now just as convenient for a freelance virtual assistant to carry out the work as a person at a PC in an adjoining room.

3. Bring Your Own Device

As more and more of us now own a laptop or tablet computer, there’s an increasing move for organisation’s to allow their employees to use their own devices at work. This allows them to work on a system they’re comfortable with whilst also enabling the company to reduce hardware costs.

2. Online Training

Paying for employees to attend training courses can prove expensive, especially when travel and accommodation is added to the cost of the course itself. It’s the reason that online training is becoming the preferred option for many organisations. The courses can provide comprehensive training and interactive tests at the fraction of the costs of a traditional course.

1. Cloud-Based Solutions

Webexpenses is just one example of how cloud computing is helping save businesses time and money. The web-based solution allows IT costs to be reduced with no need to maintain and update a multitude of separate software installations. Free services such Google Docs allow organisations to use the power of the cloud to create, store and share work.