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Valentine's Day is a time when we can appreciate the importance of finding the right match. Whether it’s choosing a partner or just picking the right wine to go with a meal, we understand just how difficult it can be to find the best match.

This is exactly what Webexpenses’ new Intelligent Receipt Matching feature is designed to do.

Combining Artificial Intelligence with advanced analytics, Webexpenses Intelligent Receipt Matching provides a fast, simple and secure way to pair receipt and expense claim information using the expense management app.

The feature works for any kind of claim but it’s particularly effective when used to handle imported company credit card data.

How does it work?

  • When a receipt image is uploaded, it’s automatically scanned to identify the date, amount and cost type.
  • The Webexpenses feature then uses this information to find matches, or partial matches, with the items contained in a user’s claim.
  • When a perfect match is found, it’s a simple one-click process to accept.
  • When it’s a partial match or there’s more than one choice, the user simply selects the right option.

Smarter management of card costs

The feature is just the latest phase of Webexpenses’ ongoing work to transform the expenses journey and to remove each and every pain-point within expense management.

By removing the need to manually match receipts against company card costs, this tackles a longstanding frustration that’s faced by both claimants and finance administrators.

Having to manually search through information takes time and it also means that human errors are inevitably made - matches are missed, incorrect information is input.

The use of AI technology replaces this manual approach, replacing it with a streamlined and simple automated process that’s equally effective handling any volume of expense items.

More than a match

Our aim is to make expenses management a simple and seamless operation - with no task required taking any longer than 30 seconds.

The development of AI technology provides a powerful tool to help achieve this goal, allowing employee expenses to move into the world of real-time management.

So while the challenge of finding a perfect partner remains, this is one area of matchmaking where Webexpenses can ease the strain.