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Five Benefits of Online Corporate Travel Management

Travel and expenses have always gone hand-in-hand and that’s why Webexpenses has made it a priority to include both as an option to our customers. Webexpenses Travel provides a powerful set of tools for a smarter and more efficient way to arrange and book business travel.

It’s a fast, simple and cost-effective way to manage travel - finding better deals, improving policy compliance and streamlining the entire travel booking process.

Using a single online portal, the system finds all the relevant options on air, train, hotel and car hire - automatically identifying the best combinations for you.

The system creates a travel profile for each user, storing information on:

  • Airline loyalty rewards
  • Corporate card accounts
  • Payment info for reimbursements

It strips away the confusion and frustrations that are often experienced when trying to search for travel information online, having to navigate across multiple websites, platforms, and logins.

What are the benefits of our corporate travel software?

Here’s a look at five ways that Webexpenses Travel helps to transform corporate travel management:

  1. Reduced costs: Webexpenses Travel automatically searches for the smartest combinations that meet your company’s travel policy criteria. It allows the most cost-effective and efficient journey options to be quickly identified.
  2. Saving time: Travel booking and expense management are easier than ever before, providing a seamless workflow with finance teams having instant access to all the travel and expenses information they need for effective management and monitoring.
  3. Improved compliance: Custom company policy compliance features are built into the system with the option to reward employees who are compliant with travel choices. Research has shown that 80 percent of employees will stay within a travel policy if it’s rewarded.
  4. Stress-free travel: Easy billing options allow employees to have worry-free travel by not having to deal with payments during their stays at hotels worldwide. Pay one, consolidated travel booking and expense fee.
  5. Increased visibility: Reporting tools provide easy access to a full history and overview of company travel spend. At the end of each month, an invoice with all trips for each employee is automatically generated.

The expansion into corporate travel is part of Webexpenses’ ongoing mission to make business travel expenses easy to track and business administration simple and seamless - using smart technology to tackle areas of inefficiency.

An easy-to-use system, policy compliance incentives, and cost-saving combinations create the basis for healthy business travel management. It additionally provides the kind of management visibility that’s needed to effectively monitor and manage out-of-office costs.