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How Iconic Bike Brand Raleigh Geared Up For Better Expense Management

An ability to evolve with the times is what helps to keep one of the world’s best-known bike brands ahead of the pack.

From its origins in 1887, making bicycles from a Nottingham workshop, Raleigh UK has grown into a company whose current range features all of the latest in today’s electric bike technology.

It’s an ability to change which is also seen in their approach to business administration and their recent search to find a smarter way to manage their employee expenses.

By making the switch to Webexpenses, they have removed the need to print and post paper receipts and claim forms with employees benefiting from a streamlined and automated cloud-based solution.

A smartphone app and advanced OCR scanning allows claimants to easily capture the required information from a paper receipt, instantly converting it into a digital format.

Benefits of on-the-go expenses

Adam Stubbins, Finance Manager of Raleigh UK, said the company had made a smooth transition to the new management tools:

“All our users are taking really well to the system - for our colleagues on the road, they love the mobile app for claiming their expenses on the go.

“They also like the option of emailing their receipts across to their Webexpenses account if needed. Our casual users of Webexpenses tend to use the web UI for submitting their claims and they’re having no problems with the system at all.”

The improved administration process has allowed the company to move to a fortnightly payment run and they are now looking to implement credit card integration.

Upgrading the most iconic bicycle brand

Raleigh UK is now part of the Accell Group, a company that owns a range of bicycle and accessory brands across Europe and North America.

The company’s renowned history includes creating the iconic Raleigh Chopper bike in the 1970s and the Raleigh Burner range of BMXs in the 80s. Today, Raleigh is at the forefront of the electric, adult, and kids bike markets- producing world-class cycles for the whole family.

Take a look at the full case study from Raleigh UK.