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Raleigh UK

From making bicycles from a Nottingham workshop since 1887, Raleigh UK has grown into a company whose current range features the latest in today’s electric bike technology. Despite bringing in technology into their bikes, they were still using a paper-based process for managing their employee expenses. But then they found Webexpenses, as explained by Raleigh UKs Finance Manager, Adam Stubbins who had used the system in a past business.

What process was being used for the management of expenses before Webexpenses?

Originally we had just one person within the finance team purely working through expenses. Paper receipts and claims would be posted from claimants, it was down to our colleague to check the VAT codes and apply the correct ones, as well as get them paid.

There was no process when it came to paying back expense claims, we did as and when but now we have a fortnightly payment run.

Why did Raleigh UK select Webexpenses over any other solution?

I’d used Webexpenses in a previous business - I found it easy to use and it was quick to pick up, so I put it forward to solve our expenses process problems. No other expenses solution was looked into, my experience with Webexpenses was all we needed to take it on for Raleigh UK.

How did you find working with the Webexpenses sales team?

The Webexpenses sales team came to our office - it was great to meet them face-to-face and go through everything we required the system to do. Our Finance Director had a few further queries after the meeting, but they were answered brilliantly and the sales process was a very quick turnaround (the sale was closed in less than 3 weeks).

How was the implementation of Webexpenses?

Our Implementation Consultant, Mark has been amazing with getting our system up and running, making tweaks and running any tests needed. The training he provided to the wider team was fantastic.

How have you found customer service support from Webexpenses?

So far I’ve only had to personally reach out to the support team once, this was via the online chat - the team were great with responding to my query and helping me in that area.

How do you find our ongoing communication to you about Webexpenses?

There’s good in-app messaging coming from Webexpenses - the messages aren't too long but are enough to share you on what’s ‘soon to be released’ or new features that can be shared with our users. It’s just great to know the system is evolving.

Which key benefits have webexpenses brought so far?

All our users are taking really well to the system - for our colleagues on the road, they love the mobile app for claiming their expenses They also like the option of emailing their receipts across to their Webexpenses account if needed. Our casual users of Webexpenses tend to use the web UI for submitting their claims and they’re having no problems with the system at all.

We went live with Webexpenses in December 2019 so we’ve now had a full month of the system being used. Claims have been submitted, approved and paid on our fortnightly pay run and the process is working brilliantly.

We’ll be looking to bring credit cards into the mix in the future.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Webexpenses, feel free to contact us.