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Serving over 90,000 members worldwide, including the employees of American Express, PepsiCo, and IBM, USALLIANCE Financial is a multi-faceted $1+ billion institution. As a full-service not-for-profit financial institution, it only made sense for them to look into an expense report provider, as their travel expense management process had not grown or evolved as quickly as the rest of the organization.

USALLIANCE Financial’s Brett Wheeler, tells webexpenses why we were the chosen provider for managing their expense reports and how our team has helped them through the implementations process.

What were the typical challenges USAlliance Financial used to face when managing expenses?

USALLIANCE Financial is a fast-growing, member-owned financial institution. We are agile, creative, and technology-focused to bring our members leading solutions to manage their financial health. Our travel expense management process had not grown or evolved as quickly as the rest of the organization, so we sought a partner to help improve our process. We used to submit and review travel expenses through paper spreadsheets and paper receipts. There were wide variations in how our team categorized their spending, which slowed us down to reclassify costs. Additionally, we had some inconsistency in approval chains and limits. Webexpenses allowed us to standardize claims, set and display policy limits, and take control of approval chains—all while providing a better user experience to our team members.

What was important to USAlliance Financial when looking for an expense management provider?

The number one goal for our project was to provide an intuitive, easy-to-use member experience for our team members who submit claims. Our reasons for doing the project were much broader.

We set out to achieve better control over approval chains, improved expense classification consistency, reduced manual data inputs by operations support, and increased efficiency in processing expense claims. However, we knew that an intuitive user experience would ultimately dictate whether team members embraced the platform, and that would drive our success for all the broader goals.

Why was webexpenses chosen as your new expense provider?

We had a lot of questions throughout our due diligence process. Webexpenses responded to our questions more quickly, with researched responses, putting us in contact with their technical teams to provide assurance on how the integration would flow. This provided us with confidence about webexpenses’ ability to be agile and creative to deliver a smooth integration.

Which key features within webexpenses are important to you?

Webexpenses has great features for users, such as trip mileage calculations made easy with via points. The custom expense reporting features add a lot of visibility into spending levels and categories. The accounting suite integration saves time and reduces opportunity for error. And we have to recognize the tireless efforts of the integration team. They have been excellent working with us to automate report outputs in a custom format that meets our needs.