Mileage tracking and verification

Track mileage expenses with the Webexpenses app

The Webexpenses app removes any reliance on business travel mileage estimates. It provides a simple, accurate, and reliable way to manage and control mileage expenses. Point-to-point location data and automated journey distances ensure that any fuel costs claimed are legitimate.

Webexpenses delivers a simple and cost-effective business mileage tracking solution to save your company money by eliminating errors and fraud. Also, you can count on Webexpenses to help improve your tax efficiency.

Point-to-point mileage tracking

Eliminate travel overspend

Configure to your company policy

What are mileage expenses?

Mileage expenses are a way to reimburse employees for any fuel costs incurred when using private vehicles for business purposes. Mileage expenses are the most commonly claimed form of business expenses.

For many companies, mileage expenses are the second-largest controllable cost after salaries. A global survey found that 47% of employees admit to submitting exaggerated or false mileage claims.

Before mileage tracker apps

Mileage expenses claims have typically relied on claimants estimating the distance of road journeys. With no accurate data, this approach stifles the ability of finance teams to properly monitor and control costs.

Exaggerated and falsified mileage claims have become an endemic problem and are the most common form of employee expense fraud.

How Webexpenses business mileage tracking works

  • The mileage tracking app feature removes the need for estimates with precise mileage calculations.
  • The integration with Microsoft's Bing Maps ensures the exact start and end locations generate accurate journey distances.
  • The Webexpenses app makes it easy for claimants to input their journeys on-the-go.
  • The flexible system configures to the specific mileage requirements of your business.
  • Mileage requirements can be configured around the company and individual users.
  • Reporting on mileage is simple and easy, and facilitates automatic tax reclaim and returns. This is where companies can see the most significant savings.