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Trust Inheritance

Customer Success Story: Trust Inheritance

Trust Inheritance has been treating customers like family since 1990. The team are best known for providing exceptional customer experience and offering an innovative range of services and tools for those who are bereaved or planning for later life.

Why did they choose Webexpenses?

Joanne, Chief Finance Officer at Trust Inheritance says: “In my 25 years of working in this industry, it has been the easiest bit of software that I’ve ever had to install.”

The simplicity of the platform and range of features won Trust Inheritance over. But, equally as important, was their experience throughout the implementation process. From start to finish, they felt that their requirements were listened to, regardless of being a smaller business.

What were they looking for?

Their previous provider, Microsoft Access, was clunky and took up too much time in their day. Trust Inheritance had a few people tackling their expense management process, with little visibility and control over how it was being managed.

Previously, multiple emails would be sent to different people and they would be collated manually in paper format. This caused back and forth conversations between team members, rather than having a dedicated approver.

Trust Inheritance told the Webexpenses team that they wanted to save a minimum of 4 working hours. After switching over to Webexpenses, they achieved this by:

  • Eliminating manual processes
  • Accessing real-time reporting
  • Setting up dedicated approvers

Making use of Accounts and Admin dashboard

Since utilising Webexpenses’ Accounts and Admin dashboard, Trust Inheritance has been able to manage claims more effectively. It has been particularly useful for their bookkeeper, as a way of supplying a monthly breakdown of expenses to date.

Using the interactive widgets, the team can now analyse data and see if users need help with existing claims. For example, if a claimant has submitted out of policy claims or an approver has been taking longer to approve, the team can action this effectively.

Access to bespoke reporting

Another feature that has helped the team is the Webexpenses’ Reporting Suite. Trust Inheritance explained how the capability to compile accurate expense report data has been a great addition when analysing employee spend - something that they didn’t have before.

Working remotely as a team

Since using Webexpenses, the continued move towards remote working has been an easier process for Trust Inheritance’s finance team. In the initial stages of implementation, Trust Inheritance and Webexpenses worked closely together, setting up consecutive meetings to ensure each stage was set up effectively.

Trust Inheritance thoroughly appreciated having a dedicated team member at every meeting which Joanne described as a “progression rather than tight deadlines.” In addition to this, Webexpenses’ training videos on the support hub have been a great help when training their employees on the system.

How else is Trust Heritance looking to automate processes?

Trust Inheritance are keen to streamline their finance solutions further with Webexpenses. Next on the cards, is Webexpenses’ Invoice Processing and ELMO’s HR module.

What advice would Trust Inheritance offer to other businesses?

Joanne says, “Don’t wait. I thought it would be quite difficult but the process was easy. I wish I had done it alot sooner.”