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Webexpenses’ survey on finance teams hits the headlines

The latest webexpenses’ survey, looking at attitudes towards finance professionals, has been creating a buzz in the media.

The headline figure from the research shows that 60 percent of finance professionals questioned felt undervalued within their organisation.

The survey, conducted by censuswide, builds up a detailed picture of the reasons why finance team workers feel ignored and isolated.

It shows that 53 percent of respondents did not feel valued as a strategic part of their business and 51 percent felt their contribution to the company was ignored.

The research involved interviewing more than 500 finance professionals working at companies throughout the UK.

The findings have helped to highlight the way that attitudes towards finance teams are increasingly out of step with their changing roles within organisations.

With the advance of digital systems and cloud technology, many of the old ‘number crunching’ tasks carried out by finance teams can now be automated.

This provides an opportunity for the core skills of finance professionals to be focussed on more strategic and growth enabling uses.

Webexpenses’ chairman Michael Richards said:

“It’s clear from our research that many of the UK’s finance professionals feel undervalued and are often frustrated by certain aspects of their job. Too many businesses still view finance as a function.

“They are missing out on the benefits that could be reaped if finance professionals are given the time, autonomy and respect that will enable them to play a more strategic role."

The findings of the webexpenses’ survey have been covered by a range of media publications. Here are links to some of the current stories: