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Study Shows Digital Expenses Boost Business Travel Satisfaction

Business travellers are at their most effective when they’re stress-free, happy and content. And according to a new global study, one of the key ways employers can achieve this is by equipping travellers with digital tools.

This is one of the findings of a survey by Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) which looked at the factors affecting satisfaction levels during business travel.

It found that 88 percent of frequent business travellers are generally content with their experiences when operating away from the office. It identified four key areas which influenced satisfaction levels:  booking, productivity, tracking tools and personal life.

Each area is linked to the different ways that digital technology has helped to empower today’s business traveller, allowing for a more flexible and adaptive way of working.

This includes the ability to book online, the use of tablets and smartphones, access to expenses management tools and the ability to stay in touch with friends and family.

Generation Gap

And the findings showed a generational variation, with the Millennial respondents valuing the benefits of technology much more than the older ‘boomer’ generation.

This was particularly evident when it came to using digital systems to manage their trip expenses. A system such as webexpenses, lets travellers use a smartphone app to instantly convert any paper receipts into a digital form.

With expenses being updated as and when they occur, it removes the headache of employees having to process bundles of paper receipts when returning to the office.

The GBTA report concludes that:

“The drivers of business travel satisfaction and their overall importance might vary generationally but any support companies can provide to their employees to address the areas mentioned would benefit their employee base as a whole.

“Just as companies are expecting more from their employees, employees are holding their companies to a higher standard as well.”

One of the report recommendations is for businesses to continue to streamline and improve the way that employees are able to track and report their business trip expenses.

It also advises that organisations should make connectivity part of the planning process for business travel, making sure that online costs and accessibility are taken into consideration.

You can find out for yourself why webexpenses has become an essential tool for today’s smart traveller here.