Go mobile: The challenge of change

Go Mobile Survey PreviewIt's 2013 and technology is changing the face of finance. We’re moving away from a traditional accounting world of paper, printouts and manual payrolls and moving towards a new digital realm; powered by cloud computing.

It means that employees can now access all the tools they need to work from wherever they have an online connection. This form of mobile working unlocks the tremendous potential to create more flexible and efficient companies with happier employees.

And yet…

Most finance teams are still rooted in a traditional and rigid approach to work – the nine-to-five office way of thinking. Our research shows that managers acknowledge the potential benefits of mobile work methods but remain reluctant to implement them.

In commissioned Webexpenses survey, we found that nearly 40% of managers believe that mobile working can have a positive impact on productivity.

But one-in-four also admits to saying they would view an employee requesting to work from home in a negative light. Likewise, employees believe they would be more productive working remotely but are too afraid to ask.

It’s this ingrained attitude that we set out to challenge in this report.

We believe that organisations throughout the UK are failing to achieve their true potential because of this on-going clash between old and new ways of working.

Explore the results of this mobile working survey here.

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