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How to banish the expenses ‘devils’ from your business

The environment in which employees work has a huge impact on how they act. And there’s no better example of this than our attitudes towards expenses. It helps to explain why so many people, who consider themselves to be honest and law-abiding, are willing to carry out expense fraud in the workplace. Global research commissioned by Webexpenses shows that at least 47% of employees have committed an act of expense fraud.

The respondents were asked a series of questions to gauge their reasons for committing expenses fraud. The results provide valuable insight into the conflicting factors that influence an employee’s judgment when making a reimbursement claim.

In this white paper, we will identify reasons that employee expense fraud happens and the kinds of employees who are more likely to commit them, including:

  • Workplace culture
  • Management & monitoring
  • Righting wrongs

Identifying the issues

Recently we commissioned a research project that put expense fraud in the spotlight. Shockingly, we found that 47 percent of employees admitted to regularly exaggerating and falsifying their expense reimbursements. It’s a problem that contributes to the $2.9 trillion that is lost globally each year as a result of expense fraud.

So what’s going on? And more importantly - how do we stop it?

We’ve dedicated this research into taking a closer look at the factors which influence workplace fraud and the battle between an employee’s inner expenses angels and devils.

The results provide valuable insight into the nature of the challenge and how a better understanding of the problem can help reclaim your organization from the expenses ‘dark side’.

Survey Findings

To gain a better understanding of why employees carry out expense fraud, we started by commissioning one of the largest surveys ever carried out into the problem ...

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