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Why choose Webexpenses for corporate travel management?

Webexpenses has more than 20 years of experience in finding ways to make business travel management and expenses processing simple and hassle-free. We have achieved this by developing innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, more commonly known as cloud computing.

Our success is based on our in-depth understanding of this technology and the challenges faced by organisations when it comes to booking and managing their employee travel and business trip expenses. We understand the need to reduce costs, comply with HMRC requirements, and maintain a sustainable expenses policy.

Webexpenses is designed to help you to achieve all of these goals.

With our travel expense management software, you have all the tools required to effortlessly maintain a robust and effective expenses policy. The software can be modified to meet your company’s exact requirements.

You can set limits for different expense categories and flag claims that fall outside your set limits. You can also provide your users with on-screen policy reminders, updates, and guides. The system allows you to regain control of your expenses while dramatically reducing the time and expense your finance team would need to manually process claims.

Users benefit from an easy and hassle-free travel management solution for claiming legitimate expenses. Our powerful mileage tracking tools give you exact data on journeys so you have the information required to make informed travel expense management decisions.

You can also balance a cost-effective business travel expenses policy with a commitment to being an environmentally conscious company. We include tools to help work out the carbon footprint left if choosing to use different forms of travel.

It all adds up to a one-stop solution for all your travel and expense management needs. It’s why hundreds of businesses - not just in the UK but across the world - have trusted Webexpenses to manage their corporate travel expenses.