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Barrett Corp & Harrington

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Barrett Corp & Harrington (BCH), is a RICS-regulated company, providing professional and reliable rebuilding cost valuations across the UK and Ireland.

What were the main challenges of your old process for expenses?

It was a completely manual process. BCH previously completed their monthly business expenses manually using a spreadsheet and Excel formulas. Once completed, the expenses were submitted to the Finance Director for approval.

What were the main problems you were looking to solve by automating expenses?

Using a manual expense process previously was excessively time-consuming, this urged BCH to look for a solution that could help speed up the process.

How has Webexpenses solved these problems?

Stacey Marriott, Business Support Manager at BCH says “Webexpenses is an easy-to-use system which allows users to claim expenses on the go throughout the month, rather than submitting all in one go. This has reduced the time spent submitting and approving expenses for everyone at BCH. The mileage tracking functionality is very easy to use as it works out to the journey's precise mileage and the expense based on the postcodes.”

What made you choose Webexpenses over other expense suppliers?

After looking at other providers, Stacey told us, “Webexpenses was the most suitable solution for BCH and we liked how expenses could be submitted online or via their mobile app. The app allows us to upload receipts on the go which reduces the risk of an expense not being submitted if it is misplaced.”

Stacey also describes Webexpenses accounts and admin reporting as “beneficial” and “easy to use”.

How does it feel that your expense process has been transformed by technology?

“Webexpenses transformed our process enormously, reducing time spent on processing expense claims and streamlining the process for all of our employees. Webexpenses also allows pulling reports for all staff as and when required.”

Through automating expenses, how much time do you estimate has been saved in the finance team on a weekly/monthly basis?

Since using Webexpenses, it takes BCH half the time to complete their monthly expenses now compared to their previous manual process for managing employee expenses.

What difference has the time-saving made to you/the team?

Webexpenses enable BCH employees to redirect their time towards tasks that are significant and contribute directly to the company's success. By automating their expense management process, employees can focus their efforts on activities that drive innovation, foster growth, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Which part of Webexpenses could you not manage without now? Are there any particular features?

Webexpenses has integrated seamlessly into our operations and has truly transformed the way BCH handles their employee expenses. Stacey says, “The whole system works for us, the company would never look to go back to manually processing expenses again.”

Based on the results of expenses, are you looking to automate other business areas? (If yes, which areas and why)

BCH are considering incorporating the purchase ledger function into their operations. By leveraging the purchase ledger function, they aim to streamline their purchasing activities, enhance transparency, and gain better control over our financial transactions.

What advice would you give to other businesses that struggle with manual finance processes?

Take a look at Webexpenses to streamline the process.

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