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Webexpenses + Sage

Webexpenses integrates with Sage for seamless management of accounting and invoicing

Webexpenses and Sage 50 logo

Sage 50 integration


Webexpenses directly integrates with Sage 50 for a streamlined accounting and invoicing tool. By transferring data from Webexpenses into Sage 50, finance teams have increased visibility and control when managing financial data. Webexpenses also integrates with Sage 50 Project Costing.

“Webexpenses’ integration with Sage is a dream come true. Multiple claims are now imported into Sage quite literally at the press of a button. Inputting claims into Sage used to take us around half a day, now it is half a minute!”

Michelle Ryles, Talent Training

Sage 200 integration

Webexpenses integrates with Sage 200 – ideal for mid-sized companies. By transferring data from Webexpenses into Sage 200, finance teams have increased visibility and control when managing their financial data.

The interface can also be configured to post claims as invoices to Purchase Ledgers, or as journals to Nominal Ledgers. Webexpenses can also integrate with Sage 200 Project Accounting, so expense items can be assigned to projects using a Sage project code.


Webexpenses and Sage 200 graphic


Benefits of Sage + Webexpenses Integration


Increased efficiency

Two-way integrations remove the need for manual data entry.


Duplication Check

Automatic checks ensure that files and invoices are not run twice.


100% accuracy

Transfer of data ensures greater accuracy and reduces the risk of inputting errors. 


Simple reference

Webexpenses claim items are easily identified within Sage.


Easy invoices

Combine line items into a single Sage invoice to save time and effort. 


Configurable interface

Custom configure the interface to suit your requirements.