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Man Shows the Path to Expenses Enlightenment

A wise man once said, why not make expenses simple?  This is the theme of our zen-inspired campaign to highlight how Webexpenses can make expenses a simple, low cost process.

Our Wise Man will be passing on some of the knowledge and advice gained by Webexpenses with more than a decade’s experience in cloud based expenses management solutions.

It’s a campaign inspired by first-hand experience of seeing how much companies can benefit when they move over to digital expense management.

The three key messages our Wise Man will be delivering are:

  • He who knows the rules of expenses does not break them
  • He who reduces man hours, increases happiness
  • A wise man who saves his staff time, saves his company time

There is a serious side to the campaign which aims to address some of the very real problems many organisations face when it comes to expenses management.

Because traditional paper-based expenses have helped to create an environment in which companies are losing time, money and employee morale through a lack of clearly communicated policy as well as complicated and timely expenses systems.

The lack of clarity over expenses has created a culture in which exaggerated and inflated claims have become normal.

A survey conducted for Webexpenses in 2012 showed that one-in-five employees admitted to making fraudulent claims, with it costing their company an average of £451.29 each year.

Added to this are the increasing fears within finance departments about the need for compliance as companies face an increased amount of Government legislation.

Rachel Gregan, Head of Marketing for Webexpenses said: “Our Wise Man campaign is a fun way for us to get the message out there that expenses can be simple”

“So many expenses problems are rooted in the cumbersome and inefficient nature of the old style of paper-based expenses management.

“It’s amazing when we see companies attitudes to expenses change when they move over to Webexpenses. It becomes such a simple, clear and hassle-free process almost overnight”

“This is the kind of ‘expenses enlightenment’ we hope that our Wise Man can help to guide organisations towards.”

The Wise Man campaign will be appearing as digital ads on a host of prominent Websites and some of our very own guru’s hints and tips on finding the right expenses management solution can be found here