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How Healthcare at Home are educating their community on Webexpenses

(via our UK office)

The UK’s largest provider of home healthcare services is helping to promote the crucial role that efficient payroll systems play in building up successful businesses. After finding success with our system whilst managing employee expenses, Healthcare at Home are actively encouraging and engaging their community with Webexpenses during an important time.

Payroll is an area where the company has streamlined and improved its administrative system in recent years. The switch to Webexpenses changed the way the payroll team was able to handle employee expenses. By moving from a traditional paper-based approach to the cloud-based system of Webexpenses, Healthcare at Home has benefited from a faster, simpler, and more effective way to monitor and control employee expenses for reimbursement.

The benefits of finding better ways to handle costs is something that National Payroll Week seeks to promote. Payroll is the number one expenditure for the majority of UK organisations, contributing £4.46bn to the economy through income tax and National Insurance.

Denise Pudner, Payroll Manager at Healthcare at Home, said:

We’re running drop-in sessions at three of our locations for people to come and chat to us with any queries on their pay, how to use Webexpenses and general information. We’re also running a quiz and will be publishing a blog to let our team know what what, ‘A Month In The Life of Payroll’ looks like – this is a first for us, so hopefully we can improve on this each year.

Webexpenses helps us as a payroll team, it allows us to have all our expenses stored in an easily accessible and simple to use system.We can easily report on the data we have and we no longer have to deal with mountains of expense paperwork and receipts. Whilst there are still manual processes we have to tackle to get the expenses paid, they are greatly reduced and slicker using Webexpenses.

Effective administration is essential for a growing company such as Healthcare at Home. The organisation now has around 1,000 UK employees, providing quality services to more than 150,000 patients each year.

Organised by CIPP (Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals), National Payroll Week takes place from September 3-7, 2018. You can find more information here.

If you're interested in finding out more about Webexpenses and we can help with your employee expenses, find out about the work we've done with our other clients, or request a free demo here.