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Webexpenses is Carbon Neutral in 2023

31st July 2023 (Oxford, UK) Webexpenses, a global expense management and invoice processing provider with clients across the UK, US, and Australia, announces its carbon neutrality in 2023.

Webexpenses have implemented carbon-friendly initiatives at its UK office in Oxfordshire, including electric car use, a cycle-to-work scheme, and waste management. This has all contributed to reaching their carbon-neutral targets.

Andrew May, General Manager of Webexpenses UK, says “To reach carbon neutrality as a business, is a great achievement. We look forward to continuing this success into 2023 and planning how we can further improve our carbon footprint activity.”

Webexpenses has worked with Carbon Neutral Britain to help offset 158.92 Tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The organisation's contribution to offsetting its carbon emissions will help to plant hundreds of trees across several reforestation programs including:

  • Nicaforest Reforestation Program – Nicaragua
  • Reforestation on Degraded Land – Uruguay
  • South West Australia Reforestation - Australia
  • Andes Mountains Hydro Power – Chile
  • Huaneng Changyi Wind Farm Project – China

In addition to reaching business-specific carbon goals, Webexpenses help their clients reach theirs with a Carbon Tracking feature.

The Carbon Tracking feature allows organisations to measure travel carbon emissions by car, train, air, and more. The travel data can be analysed via bespoke reporting to help spot trends and ways of reducing or improving carbon footprints.

About Webexpenses

Webexpenses is a leading global provider of cloud-based financial management software. The company’s flagship expense management solution automates the process, creating a seamless workflow. Webexpenses has offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. For more information, please visit