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Webexpenses host 12-hour game marathon for SpecialEffect

Webexpenses Host 12-Hour Game Stream for SpecialEffect

23rd February 2022 (Oxford, UK) - Webexpenses, a digital expense management and AP automation provider, announce that they will be taking part in a 12-hour game marathon, hosted on platform Twitch, in support of SpecialEffect's event GameBlast 22.

SpecialEffect is a charity that makes gaming possible for people with physical disabilities. They have a range of intuitive games including StarGaze and EyeMine. SpecialEffect's annual event, GameBlast, is the UK's biggest charity gaming weekend. Hundreds of gamers take part online to help raise funds for SpecialEffect.

“Last year’s GameBlast for SpecialEffect was a great success!” says Adam Reynolds, CEO at Webexpenses. “We have some avid gamers at Webexpenses so the team are excited to take part for a second year. It’s a great way to start fundraising in 2022 for SpecialEffect.”

Webexpenses live stream on Twitch is open to the global public and will run for 12 hours. The Webexpenses team will be gaming throughout different times of the day - running from 26th February, 3PM until 27th February, 2AM (GMT). The stream allows the public to watch and actively engage through Twitch Chat.

How can you get involved and support Webexpenses?

About Webexpenses

Webexpenses is a leading global provider of cloud-based financial management software. The company’s flagship expense management solution automates the process, creating a seamless workflow.

Webexpenses is a subsidiary of ELMO Software (ASX:ELO) and has offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. For more information, please visit

About SpecialEffect

SpecialEffect works with people of any age within the UK who wish to play video games but are prevented from doing so by a physical disability. They use technology such as eye-tracking monitors and specially adapted controllers that are designed to meet the needs of each user.

Their innovative EyeGaze Games website was recently featured on the BBC. It provides a range of free games that can be controlled using an eye-tracking device and allows people across the globe to compete against each other.