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Survey study

Webexpenses study shows a push from business employees to embrace digital transformation

Recent Webexpenses research shows businesses seeing a push from employees to embrace digital transformation as a result of COVID-19

Technology challenges affecting remote workers during the pandemic have been revealed by Webexpenses’ latest research, and are set to accelerate digital transformation within businesses.

In a global study involving over 1,100 Webexpenses users, 93% of respondents expect the pandemic will be a catalyst for digital transformation within businesses. With this resurgence from the employees themselves, over a third (35%) state they will be looking to review their own departmental processes as a result of the enforced lockdown.

More than eight in 10 (84%) of those surveyed found themselves working from home during the pandemic and 60% stating they have experienced tech-related challenges throughout this period.

The top three tech issues are:

  1. Access issues (such as accessing software, networks, files, and broadband) (62%)
  2. Supporting colleagues to use technology (19%)
  3. Inadequate equipment and hardware (18%)

The impact on working hours

Many of those employees facing such issues reported a significant increase in their average weekly working hours during the lockdown.

Four in 10 (42%) of those who did not usually work from home before the pandemic reported working extra hours each week. Of those, more than one in five (22%) are working an additional 10 hours or more.

Nearly a quarter (24%) say their work has been taking longer, and more worryingly, 25% have struggled to do their job effectively.

Digital technology increases productivity

Adam Reynolds, CEO of Webexpenses states:

“These results show that inefficient processes and technology are directly reducing employee productivity at this critical time when teams need to be working efficiently to ensure the business survives.

“Many of the issues uncovered in our research can be easily addressed by the right business tools and technology, such as futureproofing employee kit, investing in training and support, and utilising widely available cloud tools.

“It looks like COVID-19 will bring a sharp focus from businesses to evaluate the suitability of the technology they have in place, which in turn should help drive them forward.”

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