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Tech Team Saves Time With Invoice Processing

Founded in Scotland, and with offices in the UK, US, and New Zealand, SHE Software is an expert in the application of technology to solve its customers’ health and safety challenges.

Assure is their innovative health and safety software at the heart of the company’s success. It is mobile-accessible, highly configurable, and insights-driven. The software  provides a flexible solution to meet the health, safety, and compliance needs of businesses across the globe.

The company decided to review its invoice management process when a change to the finance team decreased its human resources.

They had been using a traditional admin approach, with manual invoices and interlinked through, Xero, their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. This method created a time-consuming task for a relatively simple job.

Benefits of automated invoice management

Faced with an increased administrative burden, they started to look for a better way for the finance team to manage the invoice supplier process. They selected was Webexpenses Invoice Processing as their invoice solution.

Claire Stevenson, Finance Manager at SHE Software, stated:

“Webexpenses Invoice Processing frees up the finance team’s time. It’s great that we can see an audit trail of all supplier spend, approved invoices - plus, it’s paper-free which is great!

“We’re keen to now remove the manual matching of POs to their invoices - we can do this with the PO feature that’s available within the system - this will save us even more time for our finance team.”

Webexpenses Invoice Processing eliminates up to 90% of manual accounts payable processes. How? Its optical character recognition (OCR) automatically converts incoming invoices into a digital format.

The, automated matching of POs helps streamline the approvals process. Plus, it acts as a safeguard against the risks of errors and fraud. In addition, full integration with Xero delivers a seamless flow of financial data.

You can read the full case study for SHE Software, here.