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Procure to pay solution with Invoice Processing Software

Webexpenses Invoice processing software creates a simple, accessible PO and invoice process, eliminating up to 90% of manual accounts payable (AP) processes.

See how Webexpenses Invoice Processing can help your business

Gain efficiency with advanced invoice processing

Enable your in-house and remote teams to submit, sign off, approve, and process invoices from their computer. Webexpenses Invoice processing software creates a simple, accessible PO and invoice process, eliminating up to 90% of manual accounts payable (AP) processes.


Automatic data capture


Complete PO automation


Multi-format support


Automate Amazon invoice processing


Remote + paper-free

Effortless invoice management

Transform the way you handle your accounts. Our OCR technology takes the hassle out of invoice processing by automatically capturing and uploading data, matching invoices with suppliers, and simplifying the entire purchase order process.

It's designed to save you time and eliminate the need for manual data entry, so you can focus on what matters most in your business.

Effortless invoice management
Speed and compatibility in every transaction

Speed and compatibility in every transaction

Receive and process invoices faster than ever. With quick, coded deliveries to approvers and support for multiple formats, your financial workflow remains uninterrupted and adaptable.

Our integrated system validates and posts invoices straight into your accounting software, offering a streamlined, transparent financial trail that’s easy to follow.

Webexpenses saves you time and costs

3 hours

Saved per claim


Users worldwide


Reduction in errors

Average review 4.5/5 stars

Seamless e-commerce integration

Embrace the efficiency of automating your Amazon Business invoices. We close the loop between ordering and billing, ensuring that every step from purchase orders to accounting entries is automatic, precise, and easy to manage.

Enjoy a nearly paperless operation that enhances your environmental footprint while providing absolute control and oversight over your entire accounts payable process.

Seamless e-commerce integration
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“Our departments can claim expenses on-the-go, wherever they are - they can claim as they're having their coffee. And then it makes it easier for us because we've got all of the information there live, ready. Webexpenses is easy to use and I wish we'd had it sooner.”

Admiral Management Accountant

How much could you save with Webexpenses?

With industry-best pricing, payback on our expense system typically occurs within just three months. Error reduction and automated reports, combined with improved efficiencies, mean that Webexpenses pays for itself while streamlining your expense management.

How many people would use the platform?

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# of claimants

Fixed monthly fee


Hours saved per month



Amount saved per month


Payback on system, in months


Disclaimer: Values shown are an initial guide based on Webexpenses standard expense management software. Estimates exclude implementation and training fees.

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