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Expense management software

Your solution for easy expense claims + reporting

Simplify your expense tracking + reporting

Webexpenses' online expense management software automates how you manage business expenses. Submitting, approving, and reporting expenses is simplified through our intuitive digital platform. With a full range of available features, our multi-level workflow is configured to meet your needs. Plus, automatic compliance and custom reporting to ensure control and visibility.

With industry-best pricing, payback on our expense system typically occurs within just three months. Error reduction and automated reports, combined with improved efficiencies, mean that Webexpenses pays for itself while streamlining your expense management.


Features of expenses management software


Our cloud-based expense software integrates with over 50 accounting systems for seamless control of company budget and expenditure. Your sensitive information is encrypted and protected to the highest security standards via Amazon Web Services. Meaning your data is safe, yet accessible from almost anywhere.


Manage expenses on-the-go with the Webexpenses mobile app. Google Vision-powered OCR technology means users can snap a picture of their receipt and easily create a claim in seconds. No more missing receipts! Admins can review, approve, reject, and track expense reports via desktop or mobile. Any changes automatically sync across all devices.


Driving expenses have never been easier to reimburse. Webexpenses mileage tracking feature provides easy mileage tracking for users and automatic verification and policy flags for admins. Accurate point-to-point mileage is provided for easy claims and reimbursements using Microsoft API.


Automated policy compliance

We build your specific company expense policy into the Expense Management software. Compliance for users is easy with policies defined at the point of entry. Out-of-policy claims are eliminated through active policy enforcement and automatic alerts.


Intelligent Receipt Matching is our cutting-edge technology that automatically pairs receipts to their correct card purchases. This feature eases user and admin workflow to provide quick and accurate expense reports for credit card management and reimbursement.


Small, everyday expenses are simplified for both users and admins with a user-friendly petty cash manager. Our automated process for claiming and managing petty cash in real-time eliminates the need for paper receipts. Admins can gain visibility and control of an office float with integrated pre-approvals to avoid overspend.

Carbon Tracking

Webexpenses carbon tracking feature can help your business improve its carbon footprint. Users can track their carbon emissions on travel via air, car and train. Using the latest standards to ensure accurate, sustainability-driven travel expenses are claimed.

Benefits of Expense Management software


3 hours saved per claim

Free up time with a digital approach to expenses, which saves hours per claim, from reports to reimbursement.


43% reduction in errors

Automatic policy enforcement and controls means no more duplications, expense fraud, or manual entry.


400% ROI

Fair pricing, eliminating ERP rekeying, increasing visibility, and automating T&E means our software pays for itself.


24-hour support

Call, chat, email, or hub. Award-winning, 24/6 support from our in-house support teams in UK, US, and Australia.

Why Webexpenses expense system?


Proven platform

Market leaders, we've processed over a billion in expense claims across 70 countries - and with 98% client retention.


Custom + scalable

A solution configured to your specific requirements, it works seamlessly with your processes and evolves with your business.


Per-user pricing

Only pay for active users each month. Once active, users can take advantage of unlimited submissions at no additional cost.


Agile software updates

Client feedback is incorporated into Agile development of 100+ expense software updates per year, keeping pace with your business.

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