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Webexpenses Works Harder – New API Offers Better Integration

Although API is just a little bit of jargon – it stands for Application Programming Interface – it is of enormous significance for existing or prospective customers of Webexpenses.

Rather than operating Webexpenses as a discrete silo disconnected from the rest of your systems, the roll out of the API quite simply means that Webexpenses offers the capability for extensive integration with the many management software systems that are widely deployed to run organisations.

Whether your business runs a full-blown Business Process Management system to handle all aspects of your business, or specialised applications that manage different elements like CRM, sales order processing and accounting, Webexpenses now delivers even better value to organisations of all sizes.

Once integration is set up, Webexpenses provides the data required to enable seamless interaction with your existing systems. This is entirely automated, so there’s no need for human intervention and no extra admin burden for finance or IT teams.

How might you use it? One example is that verified and approved allowable expenses data can be taken into your payroll system allowing for one single neat and easy monthly transfer of funds to your employees of salary + expenses.

To find out more about how Webexpenses API provides better value to your business, get in touch right away.