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Petty cash management

Manage overlooked, smaller business spend using real-time reporting

How Webexpenses petty cash management works

Webexpenses' petty cash module automates day-to-day expense management for companies dealing with cash payments and transactions. With Webexpenses, petty cash businesses can:

  • Dedicate each user in the system to manage a petty cash account (tin/lockbox)
  • Upload and digitally attach receipts
  • Use real-time reporting for complete visibility on smaller departmental purchases that are often overlooked

Pre-approvals for faster process


Compatible with imprest system


Track spend for improved reporting

What is petty cash?

Traditionally, petty cash funds are managed by a physical ‘tin’ or ‘lockbox’ within a company or department. The person responsible for petty cash is required to manage payments coming in and out, keep a record of payments, and reimburse employees accordingly.

Petty cash is a fund that can be immediately available for the business to cover minor expenses or an incidental cash transaction of a small amount. This typically covers one-off items or occasional small purchases such as office supplies, postage stamps, or food and drinks bought for the office.