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Why Arrow Business Communications Chose Us | Webexpenses

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Over the past 20 years, Arrow Business Communications has built an unrivalled reputation for the quality of its telecommunication and IT service provisions.

With its headquarters in Godalming, the success of the company has seen it expand to seven bases across the UK and a nationwide team of engineers and product specialists.

Arrow specialises in telephony, data and IT solutions for businesses throughout the UK and the addition of business energy, including gas, electricity and water services, to the portfolio in 2017 makes Arrow one of very few companies in the UK able to provide a full energy, telecoms and IT consultancy and service proposition.

But as the company has grown, so did the administrative headaches caused by employee expenses. Using a traditional paper-based approach, managing expenses was becoming more of an administrative burden.

Search for smarter system

To tackle the inefficiency, they started to look around for a digital solution; a system which could better handle the mobile nature of their employees. They put together a shortlist of requirements. It needed to:

  • Digitise paper receipts via a mobile device
  • Provide integration between mobile and desktop applications
  • Offer a better way to track mileage expenses
  • Highlight out-of-policy expenditures
  • Include full reporting functionality.

After evaluating a number of different options, the one-stop solution they chose was webexpenses. In addition to the software, they were drawn to the innovative pricing model provided.

Finance Director, Paul Gibbons said:

“We evaluated a few suppliers and webexpenses provided the most complete solution. In addition, the pricing model provided the flexibility required as the number of expense claims in any given month can vary, but we did not want to pay for capacity we didn’t need.”

Webexpenses provides a smartphone app which allows any paper receipts to be converted into a digital format. It allows the entire management of costs to be handled digitally – cutting processing times by around 25 percent.

Flexible digital solution

Using a cloud-based structure, webexpenses provides real-time information with automated checks made on each and every submitted claim. Managers are alerted whenever costs fall outside pre-defined limits.

The ability to carry out automated checks is one feature that has been particularly important for Arrow. The flexibility of the system means out-of-policy claims are not automatically blocked, managers can still judge whether flagged costs are legitimate.

It’s the kind of attention to detail that helped Arrow to scoop the Employer Brand of the Year Award at the Employee Engagement Awards 2018. It was a recognition of the company’s ability to handle rapid growth while maintaining superior customer services and a motivated and engaged workforce.

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