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SSO (Single Sign-on) For Simplicity And Security

SSO (Single Sign On) is a simpler and more effective way to manage user authentication, and is the latest enhancement to the webexpenses’ experience.

The addition of SSO means that users only have to login once in order to gain entry to a range of applications - which now includes webexpenses expense management software.

As well as providing a faster and simpler way to access webexpenses, it helps to improve security standards by minimizing the risk posed by password ‘fatigue’.

This refers to the insecure login practices that will typically develop whenever users are asked to repeatedly enter password details to access applications and services.

Webexpenses uses the Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) protocol developed by Microsoft to ensure secure and reliable management. The SSO operates both if webexpenses is being accessed online, or through the expenses app

Webexpenses provides a smarter way to manage, monitor and control employee expenses. Combining cloud technology and a powerful mobile expenses app - it removes the need for any paper-based or manual processes.

Webexpenses is an expense management solution that is now being used by global organisations of all sizes and sectors. Find out more about how webexpenses’ expense management software can smarten your business’ expense management by requesting a demo.