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Webexpenses for business: Product and feature overview

Streamline your company finances with any - or all - of Webexpenses business solutions


Webexpenses flagship expense management software is a proven platform used worldwide to simplify the process of submitting and reimbursing business expenses. Only pay for active users each month and take advantage of unlimited submissions at no additional cost.

Benefit from expense tracking, submission, approval, and reporting from anywhere. Better control and predictability of business financials provide better visibility of spend.

Features include


Eliminate 90% of manual accounts payable processes with our invoice processing software.

The Webexpenses Invoice Processing system automates the supplier invoice process, from purchase orders through to invoice capture and approval. By switching to a paperless invoicing process, your team gains greater control, faster processes, real-time visibility, and better reporting on supplier spend.


  • Invoice data capture and PO auto-matching
  • PO automation
  • Instant matching
  • Digital workflow
  • ERP integration, with multi-format support

Free up your AP team from manual employee expense reimbursement with our integrated payments service.

Webexpenses Payments automates employee expense reimbursement (and other business payments) - streamlining workflows for your finance team with a fast, safe, and secure payment and reimbursement process.

Find out how you can streamline your process, and automate your expenses to be paid on time, all the time.


What’s better than having one safeguard (like an automated system)? Having two.

Webexpenses' expense audit service provides an additional security feature to ensure expense compliance with your company’s T&E policy and boost tax reclaim. It will also help you improve business fraud prevention, error detection, and data insights.


User-friendly travel expense management and mileage reimbursement tool. Automate your corporate travel expenses, by simplifying the submitting, approving, and reporting process through our intuitive digital platform.


Why Webexpenses?


Proven platform

Market leaders, we've processed over a billion in expenses claims across 70 countries - and with 99% client retention.


Custom & scalable

A solution configured to your specific requirements, it works seamlessly with your processes and evolves with your business needs.


Per-user pricing

Only pay for active users each month. Once active, users can take advantage of unlimited submissions at no additional cost.


In-house support

100% of support is from our UK, US, and Australia teams. Available 24 hours, accents may change but superior service remains.


Agile updates

Client feedback is incorporated into the Agile development of 100+ expense software updates per year, keeping pace with business.