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Video: Webexpenses Expense Management quick tour

By Hayley Parks | 19th July 2019

A guide to improving business efficiency

By Oliver Meadham | 19th July 2019

A Changing Workplace Finding the most efficient ways to work is an elusive challenge. As a business grows and technology continues to change, the processes and tools used within a workplace must also evolve. In the past, these changes have tended to be incremental tweaks and improvements. Since the arrival of digital communications, tools and…

The guide to digital expense management

By Oliver Meadham | 18th July 2019

Time for change Managing employee expenses should be easy. It’s simply a way to reimburse employees for any business costs they cover from their own pockets. But for most companies, the day-to-day reality of expense management is far from simple. It has been allowed to grow into a notoriously difficult area of company finances to…

How to automate your accounts payable process

By Oliver Meadham | 18th July 2019

Eliminating inefficiency What makes accounts payable such a difficult area to manage effectively? A global survey, carried out by OnePoll, found that invoice handling is amongst the top five causes of business administration inefficiency. For more than two-thirds (67%) of companies, this remains a manual process with finance professionals still having to rely on paper…

Guide to HMRC Compliance: Minimising risks

By Hayley Parks | 26th June 2019

There are no quick fixes when it comes to employee expenses and tax compliance. The simplest, safest and most effective approach is to understand exactly what information HMRC requires from your company and…to give it to them. To do this requires some basic knowledge, an efficient expense management setup and the right mindset. Effective compliance…

Expenses ROI Calculator

By Sergey Guryakov | 28th May 2019

The ROI calculator is designed to help you make an informed decision on the benefits of using an expense management solution. The underlying assumptions are based on information from various sources, including studies by American Express and Ernst & Young, the European Commission, Webexpenses research and client interviews. The form below allows you to amend the…

Countdown to ‘Making Tax Digital’: What you need to know

By Hayley Parks | 28th February 2019

from our UK office The MTD deadline is looming: On April 1, 2019, the UK Government introduces one of the biggest changes to the tax system in recent years. The Making Tax Digital legislation requires that companies maintain digital accounting records and use these to submit information to HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs). Initially, this…

Simplify employee expenses by eliminating manual processes

By Hayley Parks | 15th June 2018

Expense management software is easier to use than ever before, and it’s continuing to advance further every year. Even with these advancements a large number of companies, 57% to be exact, cite poor visibility into T&E spending and compliance as their top business pressure. Webexpenses is pleased to partner with the Aberdeen Group on this recent report…

Guide to HMRC expenses compliance: FAQs

By Hayley Parks | 31st May 2018

from our UK office Webexpenses has a proud track record of helping businesses to take effective control of employee expenses. From our experience, the one area finance teams tend to fear most is HMRC compliance. We’ve compiled some of the most common queries about tax compliance to help you safely navigate the complexities of HMRC…

Guide to HMRC expense compliance: Maximising efficiency

By Hayley Parks | 31st May 2018

from our UK office Ensuring HMRC compliance is a two-way process. You need to ensure that all your tax responsibilities are being met but also that you’re able to reclaim any legitimate HMRC reimbursements. This requires getting to grips with VAT. But the complexity of VAT legislation means that many companies are failing to properly…