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Expenses ROI Calculator

By Sergey Guryakov | 28th May 2019

The ROI calculator is designed to help you make an informed decision on the benefits of using an expense management solution. The underlying assumptions are based on information from various sources, including studies by American Express and Ernst & Young, the European Commission, Webexpenses research and client interviews. The form below allows you to amend the…

Webexpenses Partner Pack

By Sergey Guryakov | 26th May 2019

Webexpenses Partner Programme gives businesses greater flexibility and the chance to offer their customers award winning expense management software, alongside their own portfolio, service or product. Download our Partner Pack to find more about webexpenses, our software and the different ways you can work with us. If there is anything that you still need help with…

Countdown to ‘Making Tax Digital’: What you need to know

By Hayley Parks | 28th February 2019

The MTD deadline is looming. On April 1, 2019 the UK Government introduces one of the biggest changes to the tax system in recent years. The Making Tax Digital legislation requires that companies maintain digital accounting records and use these to submit information to HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs). Initially, this applies to VAT but…

Simplify employee expenses by eliminating manual processes

By Hayley Parks | 15th June 2018

Expense management software is easier to use than ever before, and it’s continuing to advance further every year. Even with these advancements a large number of companies, 57% to be exact, cite poor visibility into T&E spending and compliance as their top business pressure. Webexpenses is pleased to partner with the Aberdeen Group on this recent report…

Guide to HMRC expenses compliance: FAQs

By Hayley Parks | 31st May 2018

from our UK office Webexpenses has a proud track record of helping organisations to take effective control of employee expenses. From our experience, the one area finance teams tend to fear most is HMRC compliance. We’ve compiled some of the most common queries about tax compliance to help you safely navigate the complexities of HMRC…

Guide to HMRC expense compliance: Maximising efficiency

By Hayley Parks | 31st May 2018

from our UK office Ensuring HMRC compliance is a two-way process. You need to ensure that all your tax responsibilities are being met but also that you’re able to reclaim any legitimate HMRC reimbursements. This requires getting to grips with VAT. But the complexity of VAT legislation means that many companies are failing to properly…

Infographic: Global report on employee expense fraud

By Hayley Parks | 8th November 2017

New global research carried out by Webexpenses has put expense reports under the microscope and uncovered a staggering insight into the sophistication of methods that employees worldwide are using to submit fraudulent claims. In many instances businesses throughout the globe may not be aware of the complex nature of expense fraud and the multitude of…

A global issue in expense management: The changing nature of expense fraud

By Sergey Guryakov | 8th November 2017

It’s estimated that a typical company loses 5% of its annual revenue to fraud, amounting to global losses of $2.9 trillion each year.

The business benefits of digital expense reporting

By Hayley Parks | 9th August 2017

How do you control company costs when you have so little accurate information about them? This has been one of the main barriers preventing businesses from properly managing employee expenses. With outdated systems and paper-based processes unable to provide accurate data, companies have found themselves dangerously vulnerable to inefficiency, compliance breaches and workplace fraud. It’s…

A smarter way to manage petty cash

By Sergey Guryakov | 9th August 2017

A how-to guide for fast and efficient management of everyday office expenses There’s nothing petty about the potential consequences of failing to manage those everyday office expenses. Outdated and inefficient petty cash systems leave businesses exposed to the risks of fraud, error and compliance failings. It’s to protect against these risks that more companies are…