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Could Politeness Be Harming Your Business?

Managing expenses seem easy when it’s printed on a policy document.

But the challenge with expense management isn’t creating a great policy – it’s making that policy work in the real world. In a complex business landscape – a shifting interplay of people, power, structures, and status.

It’s in this mix that finance professionals are faced with carrying out a critical task – to challenge suspicious expenses claims.

It’s an essential requirement but it’s also the one area finance professionals are likely to find most awkward and uncomfortable – especially if it’s a senior manager they need to question.

To challenge a colleague clashes with many of those aspects we associate with British business etiquette – a sense of politeness, respect for rank and not wanting to ‘rock the boat’.

But what effect could this reticence be having on the way businesses manage their expenses? Could our inclination to avoid conflict be contributing to the 100 million annual losses from exaggerated and falsified expense claims?

This was the motivation behind the research work you will find presented in this report. We will first take an in-depth look at the findings of the survey and then look at how understanding the problem can help businesses to tackle the problem:

  • Research Findings
  • Explaining Expenses Awkwardness
  • Digital Management – A New Approach

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