Expenses Fiddling: Nature or Culture

It has been estimated that fraudulent expense claims costs UK businesses around £3.5 billion each year. These losses reflect the way that ‘fiddling’ expenses has become ingrained in working culture with normally law-abiding employees routinely exaggerating and manufacturing claims.

The 2009 scandal involving British MPs revealed the scale of this problem in the world of politics but it has been hard to gauge the level of expense fraud on a national scale. It has remained something of a hidden problem with companies budgeting for these losses and dealing with expenses fraud internally. It’s for this reason that Webexpenses commissioned their independent survey to look into the issue which creates a snapshot of British business expenses fraud.

The survey, which involved quizzing 2,000 employees at companies throughout the UK, looks at how many people ‘fiddle’ their expenses, what methods they’re using and their motivations for doing so.

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