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The best way to get a feel for how webexpenses can help your organisation and to see just how simple it is to use, is to give it a go for yourself. Once you’ve signed up to our free trial one of our representatives will be in contact with you to configure your trial account and get you up and running. During your trial you will have full access to all webexpenses functionality and reporting.

Being a webexpenses partner

We know that each and every business is unique and because of that our partner programmes are flexible to allow you to choose a way of working with us that suits you and your customers. We offer competitive margins that are agreed upfront and we ensure that there are clearly defined business objectives to help you succeed. Download our partner pack here

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  • “With a large number of expense claimants across the UK, expense claims has always been a complex process for us. An automated electronic expense solution had always been in our Information Systems wish list. We chose webexpenses primarily for three reasons:

    1. System customisation to fulfil our requirements
    2. Sage 500 integration
    3. Ease of use and simplicity

    “Since introducing webexpenses, we’ve been receiving very positive feedback from the users.”

    JC Decaux

    Raj Rajkumar, Financial Systems Manager at JC Decaux

  • “The process is now very slick and the quality of expense reports is vastly improved.

    “The streamlined approval process has allowed us to remove a headcount on expense processing, so the cost savings have been tangible and measurable. The reports functionality allows management to analyse spending patterns and to recharge expenses items to clients or projects, and we feel that the whole process is now under control in a way that it wasn’t previously.

    “We demonstrated to the Inland Revenue that we maintained a proprietary system for managing expenses that allowed us to ensure that staff complied with our expense policy. This was sufficient to meet the requirements for dispensation.”

    Nextira One

    Anne Morris, Treasury Manager for Nextira One

  • “In addition to time and cost-saving benefits, the new expenses package supplied by webexpenses also helps us by giving a clear picture of what claims have been submitted by whom and when, which allows us to chase up staff that haven’t filed their expenses claim by the given deadline. It also gives the company a good overview of where and how its employees are spending money, which aids longer term budgeting and cost-efficiency”


    Corinne Tyler, Finance Manager at FatFace

  • “The sales team has responded very positively and the fact that we are utilising the latest web-based technologies has showed us in a positive light with new employees.

    “The benefits to field staff and to the accounts department have been considerable, and our return on investment has exceeded our best case expectation.”

    Otsuka Pharmaceuticals

    Peter Blott, finance manager at Otsuka Pharmaceuticals

  • “Webexpenses helps to avoid a lot of additional admin work because our representative offices are based in various countries in Europe. The central system eases the job for the European Finance department based in Germany. It also simplifies not only the submission of a claim for each individual employee but also the approval process with the approver sitting in the head office in Australia or in a different office in Europe.”


    Gerd von Gradowski, Finance Manager for Woolmark Europe

  • “When I joined Systagenix a year ago I had never used a web-based expenses system before – in all of my previous roles I had manually inputted the data. I was immediately aware of the increased efficiency of such a system, which has saved me a lot of time and made my life a lot easier. It’s easy to use, and if you do have any queries, the webexpenses support desk is responsive and helpful.

    “Using the webexpenses system has greatly reduced the amount of admin across our company. I would definitely recommend it to others.”


    Aimee Wells, Expenses Controller at Systagenix

  • “It used to take me at least a day to consolidate, analyse and process all the expenses claims for the company but now, using webexpenses, it only takes me a couple of hours. I can quickly ensure all the details are correct when I submit the claims to our Financial Controller before passing for payment. I already know that everything is correct so I can give my final approval with confidence. “It’s so easy to administer too. I have had experience of other expense systems that are far less intuitive or easy to learn and use.”


    Laura Mills, Business Analyst at Procure4 UK

  • “It’s been really beneficial to have one central control area that enables overall administration of the company’s expenses as well as full back-up for all users of the system. It’s also very useful that certain members of staff can have administrational rights to their own division. This helps the line managers who can now see all the claims easily while claimants can also view their claim at any given stage; everything is very visible and transparent. The onus is on claimants now to ensure they have submitted their claim correctly and on time, which they can do easily and accurately from any computer, wherever they may be.”

    Henry Schein

    Caroline Ward, Accounts Payable Manager at Henry Schein UK

  • “The new webexpenses package has been phenomenal! It’s really easy to see what’s been submitted and what hasn’t and now all the checks and balances are 100%. There are no inaccuracies or errors and I’m really happy that worry is off my plate.

    “It’s also been really easy to learn and adopt. I took it upon myself to learn how to use the system and printed off little user manuals for other members of staff, but this really wasn’t necessary because the simple step-by-step guidelines mean you can go straight into the system and start using it with ease.”


    Rachel Fortier, Business Analyst & Office Manager at Procure4 US

  • “For a newly formed business, keeping control of costs is very important, this system has allows you to focus on an expenses policy which is easy to implement, easy to manage and reminds people to work with an eye on costs.”


    Anitha Hegde, Finance Executive at Roxul

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