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Expense management software feature set

Configure your Webexpenses expense management system from a range of features to meet your company's requirements

Expense management automation


Automated policy compliance

We build your specific company policy into your Webexpenses expense management solution. Policies defined at the point of entry make compliance easy for users. Out-of-policy claims are eliminated through active policy enforcement and automatic alerts.

Improved accuracy

Custom policy control

Admins can upload company expense policy straight to your Webexpenses system for all users to access. Before uploading, make sure your company policy is exported into PDF format and fits within your brand guidelines. Your policy will be accessible to all active users and can be viewed and downloaded when required.


Corporate credit card automation

Webexpenses allows businesses to automate credit card expenses using a 100% paper-free process. Choosing a corporate credit card enables easy reporting on company expenditure for admins, accurate claims for users, and a guaranteed secure, safe, and PCI-compliant process for the entire business.

Claim approval workflows


Multi-approver workflow

Webexpenses allows businesses to set up a multi-approver process, with up to six approvers per claimant. Workflows can be configured to different thresholds. For example, anything under a smaller cost has one approval, but based on spend, it can be set to go through multiple approvers. The entire claim can be rejected at any stage of approval, preventing mistakes, tightening control, and the visibility of company and employee spending.

Project Approval

Project approval

Claiming expenses on behalf of a different department or cost centre? With Project Approval, claimants can add all expense items to one claim, select a department or cost centre against a claim, and submit to the department/cost centre’s dedicated approver.


Expense claim auto-approval

Auto-approve sends expense claims straight to your finance team. However, if a spend limit has been set on a category and a claimant has exceeded the limit, a claim will not go through. Auto-approve is particularly useful for smaller companies that do not require multiple approvers.

Flexibility and customisation



The Webexpenses business expense management system has a built-in currency converter. This multi-currency feature automatically picks up the claimant's currency depending on their in-system location. After submitting a receipt through the Webexpenses app, the currency converter will create an accurate conversion from an on-site location to an in-system location.

Custom Spend Categories

Custom spend categories

Custom spend categories provide finance teams with more control over expense spending. For example, you may want to include a maximum spend limit for client entertainment. To manage this, soft and hard rules can be included. A soft rule could be: spend limit exceeded but can still submit or a hard rule could look like: block spend limit. Unlimited categories can be created to fit your business's requirements.

Customised Notices

Custom notifications

Admins can set up a notification reminder to notify claimants about important updates. The in-app notification will pop up once the user has logged in to your Webexpenses system.

Admins can switch on this feature on a division or at the parent level to be viewed by all divisions.

Interactivity and usability


Drop-down expense reporting

The client drop-down feature allows finance teams to report on expenditures for specific clients, cost centres, and projects. This feature can be renamed to reflect a project, cost centre, or department and will appear on the dashboard, visible to all admins.


Expenses Mobile App

The Webexpenses app can be used by all users, approvers and admins. All users can scan a paper receipt and capture accurate employee expense data whilst out on the road. And approvers can approve expenses on the go. The app also syncs with users’ desktops in real-time to ensure a quicker process between users and admins.


Intelligent receipt matching

Using Webexpenses’ Intelligent Receipt Matching feature, users can snap a picture of their credit card receipt and automatically pair it with the correct card claim already in the system. Credit card expenses will be visible in your Webexpenses system by using a secure, direct feed from your bank.

Claim management


Claim restriction

Admins can restrict claims to cash or credit card. This provides finance teams with tighter control over company credit spending. This feature is predominately used for credit cardholders to prevent businesses from paying credit card spend that may not be owed to the claimant.


Duplicate claim check

Webexpenses duplicate claim check feature helps businesses to combat fraud and reduce errors. Once a receipt has been added to a claim, the duplicate claim check feature looks at the date, category, and total amount that already exists in claim items. If an item looks similar to another claim, a 'possible duplicate item' will be flagged in the system and alert the user.

Submit Claim for Approval

Claimant submission reminders

Webexpenses provides notification reminders for users to submit their claims for approval. This helps users submit their claims on time and finance teams stay on top of the books. Admins can specify a set date for notification, (e.g. one day before a claim is due). Once set, the notification will appear on the claimant’s login screen and they will be notified via email.

Travel expense management


Pre-trip approval

Have an international business trip planned and want to estimate travelling costs? With the Webexpenses pre-trip approval feature you can estimate spend before booking flights and accommodation and share visibility with your approver. This is a great way for finance teams to keep track of estimated expenditure - especially if it’s a higher cost.


Mileage calculation

Webexpenses Mileage Calculation feature can be used via the Webexpenses App. It enables accurate mileage tracking and submission. The interactive map enables users to plot their journey by using waypoints or the drag-and-drop functionality, which helps a claimant reconcile the proper amount should they require an alternative route.

If needed, offset mileage can be switched on by admins in just a few clicks.

Carbon Tracking

Carbon tracking

Looking for ways of improving your carbon footprint? With Webexpenses, you can do just that. Including air, car, and rail journeys, Carbon Footprint Tracking is carried out using the latest government standards to ensure accurate, sustainability-driven travel expenses are claimed.